Amazon AU

So Black Friday sales are almost upon us andxxxxx no real hints that Amazon AU will be open before or even for the sales but many rumours are end of November. You can already get a idea of what items will be on offer in the initial opening by going to AmazonAU andxxxxx searching for items that interest you.

I am hoping that they are indeed going to be open for black Friday sales or at the very latest in time for Christmas item to arrive before well Christmas as I am hoping to upgrade my PC so I can play games with better FPS than I currently do with my ageing I7 2600K

Some of the items I want are already listed but of cause are currently unavailable andxxxxx no price so hoping this time next week parts are on on the way but if not there are plenty places I can order from just hoping for a better deals on Amazon

Finished Factorio to 0.15 comes out

So It is safe to say I played Factorio a far bit as I have finished all achievements andxxxxx for a time I still played but stopped playing when info for 0.15 was out due to the changes coming

0.15 was due out this month (late February) but reading the latest  Friday Facts #177 looks like it will slip into march(or later), on one handxxxxx I really wanted to play 0.15 but on the other I understandxxxxx why they will miss there deadline  so will have to go back to waiting knowing the Dev’s are doing a good job.

This is why i am happy to wait, Factorio would have to be one of my best value game for time played vs cost at around .07¢ an hour at games current price but I think it was on sale when I got it andxxxxx the game is still only a early access game so yeah awesome value andxxxxx outstandxxxxxing work from the dev’s.

Happy New Year 2017 is here

well I hope every one had a good new year andxxxxx let all hope 2017 will be better than 2016

Factorio Golem achievement

So I sort of replayed the time I would spend playing world of tanks with playing factorio andxxxxx as such have been smashing out the achievements andxxxxx was down to the last three.

Lazy bastard that I find odd as it will take more time andxxxxx effort to do, Mass production 3 where I need to produce 20M electronic circuits that will take a bit of time andxxxxx of cause course Golem where you need to survive a 500+ damage but I was stumped.

I tried the running in a biters base with mk2 armour andxxxxx mk2 shields to no avail but it was fun. I then did a quick search andxxxxx people were saying maybe get hit by a train so gave that a try andxxxxx failed. I then put 15 mk2 shields on my mk2 amour andxxxxx bingo that worked so well it stops the train but did I need 15 mk2 shields? no it is more like 7ish but I guess it comes down to how fast the train is going so save before impact just in case lol

It is that time of year again.. BBQ weather

starting to get some good weather, not to hot or cold so I spent a hour cleaning the BBQ andxxxxx since it was clean I had to use it. I did do something I do not do often andxxxxx had a alcoholic beverage(coopers pale ale) during the week but it went down well.

You can see I cooked some onion, beef sausage, andxxxxx some sizzle steak andxxxxx some chicken kebabs. I skipped the salad as both supermarkets lacked fresh stuff, I mean they had things to make a salad but yeah no pass.

The down side was I seen andxxxxx well you can to is just how much I have neglected the yard, it is so untidy so I think need to work on that


summer time = BBQ time

My Very Late and quick Mafia 3 review

Mafia III where to start, like a lot of people I pre ordered it before waiting for reviews oh andxxxxx talking of reviews there was none before the games was released. I think this is a trend for games that fail to live up to there predecessor or hype andxxxxx once you have impatiently parted with your cash it is to late.

Lets start with the bad, the 30 FPS thing at release I could forgive if it was not for the game looking like I am short sighted andxxxxx for me that detracts from the game by a lot even more than just dated graphics or low detail textures andxxxxx helps to make the game look washed out, I think the developers should fix it even if they just copied the sweetfx look would be a very good improvement. Sweetfx make the game looks better but people have reported crashing 🙁

Now to the good things, time period is nice andxxxxx backed with some very good period music that adds to the atmosphere, the story line is also good. The car physics are also done well with a good selection of cars.

Conclusion? The game is very fun with nice music but graphics let the game down, Would I buy it again at full price? Well no I would wait to it is on sale but then again I am cheap 😉

andxxxxx for the people that are to lazy to look up just how good Sweetfx makes the game look here is a good vid showing it off

What have I been doing of late

So I have been slack andxxxxx stopped streaming again just when people started to watch so breaking any momentum that I might have been building up… lol. I also stopped playing world of tanks due to I was only playing for missions plus to platoon with the people I do andxxxxx well the time vs reward for missions for me was not worth it, to play for randxxxxxom rewards no thanks my luck with RNG is very bad. I Still have loads of world of tank vids I could edit but now I stopped playing andxxxxx streaming finding it hard to be motivated as I only do it for a bit of fun andxxxxx practise at editing.

I have been procrastinating on lots of things of late like Continue reading

FCM 50t replay + food talk

So I have started to post a bit more here as it does not take that much time 🙂
FOOD, well anyone that has read past blog posts know I am a bit(lot) lazy so when it comes to cooking I like things quick andxxxxx easy to make but the food still has to be nice.

I made Teriyaki meatballs with rice andxxxxx broccoli that was so nice andxxxxx prep andxxxxx cooking time was good, I will make a post with the recipe plus images next time I make it

so here is the part where i link the youtube video